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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Make Money With WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp Television

I have received several messages from different people seeking to know what WhatsApp TV is all about and how to make money from it, so I deemed it necessary to drop a simple write up about WhatsApp TV. This article contains everything you need to know about WhatsApp TV. 

Before we move into the full details of what WhatsApp TV is all about, let's quickly explain WhatsApp itself.  

     What Is WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is simply a social media platform which people or organizations use to communicate (Send messages, files, contacts, documents, voice notes and other supported media) with friends, family and business partners globally.
WhatsApp is used by over 1billion users all-round the globe.

I'm very sure you already have the app on your phone but even if you don't, you probably must have heard about WhatsApp. 

For the purpose of this article, we would emphasize on the business aspect of WhatsApp. Research has shown that WhatsApp has made a very good number of people millionaires without much stress. Those who are aware of how powerful WhatsApp is in terms of business, have been making a  lot of money from WhatsApp on daily basis. 

There are countless ways to make money on WhatsApp but the truth is that; you might not succeed in any of these ways if you have few audience (that's few WhatsApp contacts). What determines your success in any form of WhatsApp marketing is your audience and that is why it is very necessary to build and continue building contact list on WhatsApp.

The more your WhatsApp contacts, the more the potential customers you might have. This is one of the reasons why you need to continue striving to get more WhatsApp contacts and to get more people to save your own WhatsApp contact as well. 

So, let's go to the main topic of discussion. 

  What Is WhatsApp TV (or WhatsApp Television)?

WhatsApp TV is not a platform on its own neither is it an app on its own. WhatsApp TV is simply a branded account created on the WhatsApp platform by WhatsApp users.

Let’s take for example, when you create your WhatsApp account, instead of using it just to chat with friends and family, you can decide to use it to entertain your contacts through constant status update or any other means. So, the WhatsApp account used mostly for entertainment is called WhatsApp TV. You got it now, right?

The WhatsApp TV (television) was made possible by the new status upload feature embedded by Mark Zukerberg on the platform.

How Does WhatsApp TV Work?

It works by using the status feature to upload funny memes, short funny video clips, funny jokes on a daily basis on your status to enable your contacts to have what they watch to keep them entertained anytime they get to view your status. 

Setting up WhatsApp TV is not what matters most, the most important thing is building large audience (that's getting many WhatsApp contacts). Having a WhatsApp TV with few contacts is just like having an empty church building without members. So the major target is to build a list of thousands of WhatsApp contacts. 

The higher your contacts, the higher your viewers and the higher your chances of making more money on WhatsApp. 

How To Make Money With WhatsApp TV? 

Just the same way we have numerous ways to make money on WhatsApp, that's the same way we have countless ways to make money using WhatsApp TV.  

Your WhatsApp account or WhatsApp TV is just like your website, you can monetise it. Either by using it to promote/advertise your products/services or by advertising for people at a particular rate. If you have a large audience, many people would love to advertise on your WhatsApp account or WhatsApp TV rather, and you can't do that for FREE! They must pay you for the service.

You can join reliable affiliate marketing programs and promote it on your WhatsApp TV or account to make money everyday. The list on how to monetise your WhatsApp TV is endless. 

How To Set Up WhatsApp TV? 

Setting up a WhatsApp TV is as simple as ABCD. The best app for setting up WhatsApp TV is the  WhatsApp business app. Using ordinary WhatsApp to set up WhatsApp TV is just like travelling from Nigeria to U.S.A using bicycle 😀😀 It would be difficult you know. 

WhatsApp business app is the best for setting up WhatsApp TV because it has many amazing features that will make everything easier and faster for you. Features like; 

1. Creating a business profile with helpful information for your customers, like your address, business description, email address, and website. 

2. Quick Replies: This lets you save and reuse messages you frequently send so you can easily answer common questions in no time.

3. Automated Messages: You can set up an away responses which could be sent to customers even when you are offline. You can also create a greeting message to introduce your customers to your business. And many other features which you can't find on ordinary WhatsApp Messenger.

To download WhatsApp Business app, go-to play store and type "WhatsApp Business" in the search box, then proceed to search and install the app. 

WhatsApp Business app

Accept the terms & Agreement, then create a Business Account (your WhatsApp TV) using your business phone number. Your WhatsApp Business phone number represents your WhatsApp TV contact.  You can choose any befitting name of your choice for your WhatsApp TV and set up everything. 

The last thing we shall be discussing is: 

How To Build Large Audience/Many Contacts For Your WhatsApp TV? 

This has been the challenge most people encounter whilst trying to run WhatsApp TV. How to get more contacts, where to get more contacts and how to convince people to save your own business contact. 

Since there are over a billion people using WhatsApp and over 50 million Nigerians have WhatsApp app on their various phones, getting thousands of WhatsApp contacts is possible but might not be easy. 

To build a long list of WhatsApp contacts, you need to continue promoting your WhatsApp TV link on different platforms consistently and tirelessly. 

The best platforms to promote your WhatsApp TV link are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp groups, Nigerian Forums like nairaland and many other social media sites.

You can join Facebook entertainment groups with millions of Nigerians and indirectly share your WhatsApp TV link by attaching a funny meme. 

Some Facebook group admins might not approve your post if you try to promote your WhatsApp TV link, the best strategy is to post funny meme, you can edit the post after approval by attaching your WhatsApp TV link. 

Check the screenshot below to understand 👇👇

Make money with WhatsApp TV

You can also join Facebook business groups to advertise your WhatsApp TV link as well. Using your Facebook timeline won't be a bad idea as well. 

Take advantage of the entertainment section of Nigerian Forums like nairaland, jackobiam and school forums to strategically advertise your WhatsApp TV link. 

You can also beg your contacts to help you share your WhatsApp TV link amongst their friends. It is a gradual process, you need to continue building tirelessly and you would definitely smile at last.

Always advise your contacts to save your WhatsApp TV phone number in order for them to view your WhatsApp status updates. People who you didn't save their contacts can't view your WhatsApp status and people who didn't save yours can't view your status as well. So endeavour to save new contacts and tell your new contacts to do the same. 

On my next article, I will explain more about building large WhatsApp audience and share more tips on how to get thousands of Nigerians to save your WhatsApp contact. 

You can drop your view about this article in the comment box below. You can also ask questions and get instant answers using the comment box. 


Monday, August 19, 2019

Get Paid On NNU Forum V2 Without Referrals

NNU Forum V2

I have participated in many online income programs. I know how uneasy it is to convince prospects to join a program that requires registration fee. I know how painful it is to expect money from a program, only to encounter disappointment.

I know how it feels to be called a scammer even when you didn't scam anyone. I know the trauma of luring friends and family into a program and at the end of everything, none of them was able to withdraw a dime. The pain of disappointment can never be overemphasized.

But, the truth is that it is absolutely impossible for everyone to benefit from an income program. Some lose while others gain. That's just the truth! And again, no petty income program lasts forever.

That is the major reason why you ought to join early, grab your share before the program start having issues.

Over 500 million naira was shared to NNU version 1 members within 20 months of its existence. Those who joined when the platform wasn't too crowded took the Lion's share and that has been the case in every petty online program.

Out of over 0.5 billion naira disbursed by NNU, some people got over O.5 million each (obviously those who joined early and did few smark works) and some got over 300k each. Some got below and above 100k. 

Thousands of Nigerians got a share from the total revenue disbursed by NNU on version 1, which shows how selfless the CEO is.

After series of contemplation on how to compensate those who didn't benefit much from NNU version 1, the management has decided to launch NNU version 2 (otherwise known as NNU Forum) to give many aggrieved NIPERS the opportunity to earn & benefit even before the version 2 gets crowded. 

It is worthy of note that NNU version one paid for over 1 year before introducing the principle of "you must refer to withdraw"  hence, the benefit of joining early. 

The version two (NNU forum) intends to pay members for years without mandating anyone to refer. So if you are not good at referring, then NNU version 2 (NNU forum) is for you.

We have analysed the pattern of NNU V2 (NNU forum) and we can state boldly that this new version 2 will be more sustainable, lucrative and consistent.

       Join NNU Forum V2

The CEO of NNU forum has affirmed everyone that whether you refer or not, you'll definitely get paid due to the fact the newly launched second version of NNU has many sources of revenue and taking advantage of it at this virgin (early) stage will help you a lot.

Many top NNU forum partners are already donating money to ensure the sustainability of the NNU V2 project. I'm sure you can't afford to miss out on this. 

There is a  possibility of earning at least N2000 to 5000 daily on NNU Forum version 2 and you can cash out without referring anybody. I repeat without referring anyone. 

We are not trying to lure you into the program but the fact is that if you join now, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Do you care to know how the platform works?

 Below is the summary of how NNU V2 (NNU forum) works

    Summary Of NNU V2 (NNU forum)

Registration fee: N1400

Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000 That is the referral bonus per each person you introduce to the Forum.

Daily Login: N50

View Forum Topics: N10 per each

Commenting: N20 per each comment

Posting Relevant Topics: N200 - N1,000 based on the relevance and magnitude of your post.

Viral share on Facebook: N100 

That's sharing sponsored post to Facebook.

Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000   With or without referrals.

Revenue share and payout every last day of the month and no members will be left out without payment.

Let's assume you join now;

You'll login, N50

View 20 posts, N200

Make 20 comments, N400

Share a post, N100

Create 5 topics, N1000

That's a total of N1750 within few minutes, Is this not amazing???

Staking N1400 to try NNU forum V2 is gonna do you a lot of good and we are very sure that you won't regret it if you join the early birds now. The program is still new, fresh and hot. Utilise this great opportunity now!

       Join NNU Forum V2

Our team leader has earned over 90k within 6 days after launch and with the aid of our tutorship & guidance, you'll be able to get as many referrals as you wish.

NNU Forum V2 payment

Below are some of the alert screenshots of some of our members

NNU forum payment
NNU forum payment
Get paid referrals on NNU V2
NNU alert
NNU V2 testimony

Before proceeding to the registration page, we wish to tell you that there are two methods of payment and we recommend the use of coupon code. 

To get your NNU forum V2 E-pin, kindly contact agentEgu Chris for fast delivery.

Call/WhatsApp Egu Chris on 07062434715

Or simply click on the link below

To register, kindly click on the link below

       Join NNU Forum V2

The link will take you to the registration page. Fill all the details and select your method of payment, either paystack or using E-pin obtained from Egu Chris (NNU most trusted distributor)

The only license to our tutorial group is using Egu as your referral during registration.

After registration, you can contact Egu Chris via WhatsApp to be added to our WhatsApp tutorial group. The group is where you learn many marketing strategies and you'll also take part in the N500,000 average/minimum target of each members of the group.

We share tips on how to refer at least 5-10 persons daily and you won't regret joining through our viable team. 

       Join NNU Forum V2

If you have any question, kindly use the comment box.


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Two Fundamental Ways To Make Money On Earth

By Egu Chris

Two ways To Make Money

"How To Make Money?" is not just one of the most searched keywords on Google but factually one of the most asked questions on Earth. After series of experiences, I arrived at a conclusion that there are only two fundamental ways to make money on Earth. 

You are already curious, right? Let me quickly satisfy your curiosity by shortening this piece. 

The truth is that people who are not aware of these two  fundamental ways to make money on Earth find it very difficult to harness their God-given potentials.  

Let's not prolong this. Below are the only two major ways to make money on Earth: 


The phenomenon called money erupted due to the existence of value. So, money is what you get in place of a value. The higher the value you create, the higher the money you make. If you wish to be wealthy, you must adopt the   habit of creating endless value. Very simple!

                     What Is Value?

Different persons have different definitions for "value". But etymologically, value means the importance of something or the monetary worth of something. It won't be erroneous if we say "value is money" or "value is wealth". Wealth is all about adding value for yourself and others. 

          How Can I Create This Value? 

👉Learn And Learn More

Learning is the first phase of creating value. When you write a book that's worth paying for, automatically you've created a value. But the question is; Can you write a book without learning how to author a book?

Some persons produce shoes and other products (values) that could be sold in order to generate income. But the question is; Can you produce those shoes without learning the skills involved? Can you assemble the parts of a vehicle without learning how to do so? 

In order to EARN, you must LEARN. Learn new skills. Learn new methods. Learn and continue learning. 

👉Be Humble

Arrogant people find it difficult to learn.  They see themselves above the scale of learning. If you wish to create value, you must be humble enough to learn. Bow down and learn from someone who knows how to do it better than you. Even if your tutor is younger than you, bow and learn. It is for your own good. 

👉Be Creative & Innovative

You may not be able to create anything valuable in life if you don't possess the zeal for  creativity & innovation. How can you create a  value when you spend so much time stealing people's works, ideas, articles and concepts without giving credit to the original owners? 

Have you ever thought of exploiting the potency of creativity? You need to have a burning desire for something in order to achieve it. Desire it first, then work towards accomplishing it. You can do it! 

Each day, take it as a responsibility that you must create a value. Give birth to new ideas and work on them. Everyone, including you can do it! 

👉Be Persistent & Focused 

If you are a good student of history, you'll agree with me that all stories of success are also stories of great failures and persistence. 

Let me share a familiar story with us. 

One day a partially deaf four years old kid came home with a note in his pocket from his teacher, "Your Tommy is too stupid to learn, get him out of the school." His mother read the note and answered, "My Tommy is not stupid to learn, I will teach him myself."

And that Tommy grew up to be the great Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison had only three months of formal schooling and he was partially deaf. You can Google about the achievements of Thomas Edison. 

In the process of creating values in order to earn & become successful, people will reject you but don't feel dejected. Distraction will come in different dimensions but remain focused. You'll encounter failure but keep trying. Be persistent and remain focused. You can do it! 

👉Be Patient

Success is not something that happens overnight. Creating Value takes time and lots of effort. While battling to create a value, patience is required. You may end up losing everything if you are not patient enough. 

👉Put More Efforts

If you wish to make X-million naira, you ought create an X-million naira value. The higher the value you create, the higher the money you earn. So to create a higher value, you need to add more effort. You need to double your hustle. 

👉Be Strategic

Your strategy matters a lot in every venture. The same business  that led some persons into the pit of fiasco, is the same business that induced others to become successful. This is sometimes as a result of the variation in the strategies employed by different persons. 

So to create value, you need to sought for the right strategy and adopt it. Be positively strategic in all your dealings.  

👉Be Selfless

Wealth is not the measure of the amount of money you have in your bank account. It's the measure of how helpful you are to humanity. You must be selfless in order to create an outstanding value. Selfish people often fail simply because selfish idea can never prevail. 

Your idea mustn't help only you. It should partially be for the benefit of humanity. 

We have Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Dangote, Microsoft, Innoson Motors amongst others today because of selflessness. Think of how to contribute positively to the welfare of humanity and before you know it, inspiration will surface. Even God values selflessness. If you can't help the whole world, start with the people around you.  

👉Be Prayerful

This point is strictly for those who believe in the existence of God. When I say be prayerful, I don't mean you should make prayer your work, I mean you should seek the assistance of God in all your dealings. Pray for your work to prosper. 

Tell God to favour the work of your hands. Prayer works for me because I have a work. You don't pray for God to bless the work of your hands when you are too lazy to get a work. The Holy Bible stated clearly that faith without work is dead. Biko get a legitimate work and fall in love with it. 

No need to prolong this first 
fundamental way to earn money on Earth. The bottom line is that to create value(s) in order to earn money, you must be willing to learn, you must be zealously creative, and most importantly, you must epitomise selflessness. 

✅Thus, Chris' theory of wealth creation states that: For a value to be created, one's willingness to learn must be directly proportional to his/her active  zeal for creativity, provided that  selflessness, patience and persistence remain constant.😍😍😍


The truth is that everyone can't create value at once. The fact that  others are currently creating values that have high monetary worth doesn't mean you should jump into creating yours. There is always time for everything under the sun. Wealth creation is not something we should rush. It takes a gradual process. 

When your time to create values of high monetary worth ripens, you'll definitely create something perfect and adorable. 

But while moving towards the creation of a potent value, are you expected to stay without making money? Mbanu! You and I are both aware of the fact that we can't survive on this deteriorating planet without any legitimate source of income. 

        So what is the alternative? 

The alternative to direct value creation is indirect value creation. What is indirect value creation? 

It is merely buying and selling of value(s). Since you are not fully prepared to create a value, why not opt for buying values at cheaper rates then sell them at higher rates? If you can not write a book at the moment, you can  buy a valuable and potent book at a very cheap rate and sell it to make some bucks. Not only books, other competitive and attractive commodities could be also be traded. 

If you can't render a worthy service in order to earn money, why not hire someone who can do it and earn your own commission? 

Learning is also very important in this regard. 

You need to learn some major trading factors in order to succeed in the realm of trading. You can't buy a very poor quality product and expect to sell it at a very high rate. 

The existence of the word "value" gives birth to products and services. 

The quality of a product or service determines its worth. The rate of demand of a product or service affects its cost too. The location is also a determining factor. You can't succeed by selling female pads in a locality dominated by men. 

Some persons who buy and sell value(s) make money more than some persons who create values. It all boils down to the strategies employed. 

There are numerous millionaires and billionaires who had never created a value directly but rose through strategic trading of values created by other persons. 

It is practically unwise to hold yourself to ransom all in the name of creating values. Some of the processes involved in the creation of value require the expenditure of value too. So why not use option B if you are not yet prepared for option A? 

The two fundamental ways to make money on Earth is a vast topic that could consume centuries before half of its disintegration. Nobody on Earth including Egu Chris can say everything regarding the two fundamental ways to make money on Earth.

Permit me to summarize this piece by stating that both the two ways to make money on Earth require intense learning, determination, patience, selflessness, smart-work and creativity. You just need to do the right thing at the right time.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

HIWAP Review: 10 Reasons Why You Should Join HIWAP

HIWAP Review

Before venturing into any online program, there should be concrete and factual reasons why you must participate in the program. This is because there are numerous crappy and fraudulent programs scattered all over the INTERNET.

HealthIsWealthng is a newly launched health platform targeted towards ensuring the healthiness and wellness of humanity in its entirety. 

The platform has an income program which is embedded to help in meeting the financial needs of people. The goal of HIWAP is to ensure you're medically and financially fit. 

Just before you get your mindset entangled with the spirit of DOUBT, here is a recently received alert from health is wealth platform (HIWAP). 

HIWAP proof

Hiwap proof

Hiwap payment

HIWAP withdrawal

Below are some of the reasons why you should partake in this great project.

1. It Has A Unique And Powerful Concept.

The uniqueness of every business venture matters a lot. Stolen concept can never prevail. The concept of HIWAP is new, potent, unique and highly attractive. You get paid for maintaining your wellness; Is this not an awesome concept? Apart from this company, no platform has this same concept. 

But very soon many clueless plagiarists who desperately wish to defraud people would start launching half baked platforms with HIWAP concept. The only way to frustrate their evil intentions is to get realistically attached to HIWAP

2. All Upgraded Members Are Automatically Made Distributors.

Once you sign-up and upgrade your HIWAP account, you've automatically become a distributor with the license to sell the company's E-pin to prospective members.  You also have the license to buy and resell premium products.

Read Also  How HIWAP Works

3. Healthiswealthng Has Multiple Money Making Options.

There are many earning options on HealthIsWealthng. If you can't partake in the affiliate program(Referring aspect) You can focus on the writing aspect. You'll earn N1000 per each published article. That's N10,000 for 10 articles.

4. It Has The Best Features In The History Of Online Business.

HIWAP has many outstanding features which contributes to its uniqueness.

5.Hiwap Is A Sustainable Project.

The fact that people roam on Google everyday in search of various health tips and remedies shows how sustainable healthIsWealthng project is. 

The concept can never expire, hence the reason why the program will definitely last for centuries.

6. HIWAP Website Is One Of The Richest Sites On INTERNET.

The contents of every website determine its wealthiness. There are many life saving contents on HIWAP and I'm very sure you know how valuable life is. The wellness of everyone is a big priority on healthIsWealthng.

7. The  Team Behind HIWAP Is Great.

Read Also  How To Join HIWAP

healthIsWealthng project is sponsored by a very innovative team dominated by professionals. The team may not be 100% perfect but they are highly proficient.

8. HIWAP Is Highly Transparent.

There is no hidden agenda on HIWAP. Everything is transparent.

9. Referring Is Optional 

If you are not good at referring, then HIWAP is for you. You could be earning at least N5,000 daily just by writing articles. You can also join Chris Team to benefit from massive spillovers. Chris Team also teaches its members how to get referrals daily if you wish to earn. Contact 07062434715 to join Chris Team.

10. HIWAP Has The Best And Most Active Support System.

HIWAP support

You can contact the administrators and moderators of HIWAP and get your issue(s) resolved within few minutes. The site has a live chat system where you can ask questions and receive fast answers.

The aforementioned reasons are just few among the innumerable reasons why you should be part of this mega project. You won't regret taking part in this life supporting revolution.

Below is the summary of some of the bonuses you are entitled to as a pro HIWAP member. 

Once you compose any unique health related article, you'll earn 1k instantly. That's N10,000 for 10 articles.

Anytime you extend this opportunity to anyone, you earn N1000 Referral bonus.

👉Anytime you cycle out, you earn a mouth watering indirect commission. 

👉Anytime your down line cycles out, you'll also earn a matching bonus. 

👉Anytime any of your down lines introduces a new member, you'll earn 25% indirect commission that is after earning the first direct earning commission of 50%. 

👉You have access to unlimited health products, tips and services with just a onetime upgrading fee of N2,000. 

Is this not amazing?😍😍😍


To register, click on the link below


The link would take you to HIWAP site, click on the toggle navigation option, like it is on the screenshot below

Join HIwap

                   Then click on "Register" 

Hiwap Review
You'll be redirected to the registration page. Like it is on the screenshot below
HIWAP register

Ensure your sponsor is Chris .  Insert your active and valid email address. Fill all other details, Accept Terms of  Service and click on   Signup.  After registration, click on the activation link sent to your email in order to activate your account.


There are many earning options on HIWAP, if you are not good at referring, kindly sign-up using the link below to join our TEAM in order to benefit from massive spillovers. You could be getting many referrals daily through our TEAM even without REFERRING anybody.

On HIWAP, you also get paid N1000 instantly per each post you publish. if you can create up to 10 posts daily, that's N10,000 daily.

                             How To Upgrade?

To Upgrade your account in order to enjoy all the membership benefits, contact the authorized HIWAP agent below to purchase your E-pin.

Call/WhatsApp Egu Chris on 07062434715

You can also use the link below  to purchase your pin


Who Is Egu Chris And Why Am I Paying Into His Account? 

 Egu Chris is an authorized HIWAP Agent. He is also the team leader of our great TEAM. You can confirm his name and phone number on HIWAP official site.

After successful registration, you're advised to join our WhatsApp group for further guidance and tutorship on how to earn massively on HIWAP. The tutorship is strictly for upgraded members. Egu Chris would add you to the official members group after successful UPGRADE.

Note: You can't benefit from the income program without upgrading your account, hence, we advise you to upgrade immediately after registration so as not to miss down lines who are supposed to fall under you.

                      HEALTH IS WEALTH

Sunday, March 10, 2019

How To Make Money Daily On HIWAP

Money On HIWAP

How To Make Money Online has been one of the most searched keywords on Google due to the fact that a lot of internet users desire to have a good and sustainable source of income. 

If you are one of those who seriously wish to make money online, then Congratulations in advance because you have arrived at the right place. All you need to do is READ this piece with full concentration, digest it and decide. 

We at bixzone.com are aware of the fact that you have tried some crappy online programs but none worked as expected. Thus, we wouldn't want to feed you with lies and deceptive phrases but the truth is that, if you're determined to earn genuine money online, you must be ready to sacrifice your time on thorough research. This is to avoid falling into the hands of scammers and their half baked programs. 

When it comes to making money online, only 3 basic things are needed to ensure success. These are;

1.  Right Mindset

2.  Right Strategy

3. Right People To Work With

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Make At Least N12,000 Weekly On Eboss Foundation

Eboss Foundation

Congratulations! In advance for successfully navigating to this page.

 Arriving successfully to this page shows you have taken the first step towards changing your financial status. 

The second step is to READ carefully. The truth is that you can never EARN without LEARNING, hence; you need to read this article passionately and carefully. 

I'm aware of the fact that we Nigerians hate reading, but I implore you to make a difference. READ this article to the end because it will definitely mark the beginning of your success story.

To ensure you read to the end, I have decided to make this piece  brief. 

It's no longer news that the INTERNET is dominated with  numerous scam sites and many fraudulent activities, thus the reason why thorough investigation is needed before venturing into any online business. 

Personally, I have had a lot of bitter experiences as a result of trying to make money online. I know how painful "disappointment" could be. I had felt the pain of being defrauded and deceived, so I'm not willing to feed you with lies all in the name of making money. 

I have grown beyond telling lies to make money. So if you find any symptom of lies on this page, kindly remind me for immediate correction. 

Today, I want to show you a very young business opportunity that can transform your life positively. If you're determined, in the next few days you could be testifying about this business opportunity.
I'm not here to bombard you with sweet mouth. I deal on reality not deception.

The screenshot below is the alert I received 3 days after venturing into this business opportunity

Eboss Alert

The name of the business opportunity is EBOSS FOUNDATION

What Is Eboss Foundation?

Eboss Foundation is a new multi levelled marketing platform that specializes on the distribution of body care products, toiletries and other humanitarian products. The mission is giving back to the society and breeding wealthily modernized entrepreneurs. Eboss Foundation was launched early February, 2019. It's still new and has a great potential. 

I can boldly guarantee the sustainability of Eboss Foundation due to the series of investigations I had made before joining. 

Eboss Foundation is a program initiated by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional ICT firm legally registered under CAC with RC Number 2453653.

Eboss Foundation has varieties of products that could fetch you lots of fortune but that's not the reason behind this article. The aim of this article is to reveal how you can raise a huge capital for your mega project by utilizing Eboss Foundation board matrix program. 

  Below are some Eboss Foundation Products:

eboss fresh soap

eboss soap

eboss icare soap

eboss liquid soap

Having thought of the difficulty people face in the course of running a long matrix program,
Eboss Foundation has decided to come up with  a very short and achievable board matrix system. 

Realistically, This is the best matrix program since the history of network marketing. If you can't refer, just relax and enjoy the rain of spillover. Spillover in the sense that those that joins after you may fall directly under you as your down lines.

So, if you are one of those that have phobia for referring, then Eboss Foundation is for YOU!

Part of the vision of this program is helping the less privileged, so as a member, you're expected to be a generous GIVER! 

Bombarding this page with much phrases is needless. Let's just go straight to the point. 

        YOUR EARNINGS IN                                  SUMMARY

Once your registration & service fee of #5,500 has been paid, and your registration has been done, you will automatically become a validated partner of Eboss Foundation.

You'll receive a package of humanitarian product (Exercise Books) worth of #2,000.

Eboss Notebooks

The exercise books are what you're expected to distribute amongst our promising secondary students as part of our vision of giving back to the society. 

So, indirectly your registration fee is #3,500.

Your registration gives you the opportunity to participate in the shortest and sweetest board matrix system.

                             HOW IT WORKS

You need only two persons directly under you (You can get this two persons via spillover even without referring anybody)

N1,000 commission from each person under you, making it N2,000 for your two down lines. 

Since, your 2 down lines will also obtain their own down lines.

You'll also earn N1000 each from the four persons that will fall under your two down lines, that  is N4,000 for the 4 persons.  Which is;

            N2,000+ N4,000=                       N6,000

You'll also earn a matching out bonus of N6,000 after cycling out( that's as soon as your two down lines get their own two down lines) 

That makes it  N6000 + N6000= N12,000

So in one circle, you'll a total sum of N12,000, which you can withdraw directly to your bank account.

          What Happens After Stepping Out Of The Old Circle?

After getting your first #12,000, you'll automatically recycle into a new circle. This is totally FREE! You don't need to pay again.

Remember you are starting a new cycle.
So You'll get the usual  product of N2000. 

       I know your next question would be;

    Who Will Be My Down Line In   The New Circle?

                       Here is the answer

Your previous 2 down lines and their own down lines would cycle out and join you immediately in the new cycle, as soon as they join you, you'll get another N12,000

You'll continue earning N12,000 consistently till it turns to millions. Isn't amazing?

                 How Can I Join Eboss Foundation?

To  succeed in any business, you need to work with the right person or team. On Eboss Foundation, you need a team or an expert to guide and direct you in order to ensure consistent cycling and earning. 

I and my team are ready to guide you successfully till you start enjoying the beauty of this business. 

   For your E-pin, Registration and Absolute Guidance,

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