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Friday, November 23, 2018

NNU: How To Request For Withdrawal On NNU

NNU Withdrawal Request Guide

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Our today's lesson is How To Request For Withdrawal On NNU

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In the absence of learning, the existence of the word earning could be questioned.  Thus, the vitality of Learning. 

The truth is that if you fail to adopt the habit of learning, your chances of earning would be extremely narrow. 

If you're determined to earn, you must first of all be willing to Learn. Sacrifice your time to learn and take reasonable actions after learning, then success would be yours. 

If you're not yet a member of NNU, I would like to inform you that NNU is a news and entertainment platform that pays  its validated users for reading news, sharing posts, creating topics and commenting. For full details about NNU, click on 10 Basic Things To Know About NNU

Now let's move to the lesson we have today but before then I would like to share a good news with you. Guess what? 

NNU now pays without referrals. You can request for payment without having any referral and still get paid. Many members have gotten alerts recently without having any referral, so the burden of getting referrals before payment had been lifted and nullified.

Our today's topic is on How To Request For Withdrawal On NNU without any error. 

Numerous users are yet to receive payment from NNU due to the difficulty faced in requesting for withdrawal. If you're among those battling with issues regarding withdrawal, I would advise you to take a seat and concentrate on this piece. 

The topic still remains How To Request For Withdrawal On NNU.

Before attempting to place a withdrawal request on NNU, there are things you ought have at the back of your mind. Some of them are:

➜The privacy status of all your recently shared sponsored posts

If all your recently shared sponsored posts are not on public mode, the moderators in charge of verifying Facebook timelines  won't be able to see any sponsored post on your timeline, which would cajole them to decline your request.

It's worthy of note that sharing of sponsored posts on NNU is a symbol of seriousness and that's why much emphases are placed on it. 
The use of twitter handle is also allowed for sharing sponsored posts.
The screenshot below is an illustration of an NNU sponsored post on public mode.

NNU sponsored post Privacy

If your shared sponsored posts are not on public mode, you can change the privacy by click on the 3 dots on the pix above. You'll see something like the pix below
NNU public privacy

Click on change privacy, then change the privacy mode to public. Click on done to effect the change.

NNU Facebook Privacy Setting

Having rectified and confirmed your NNU sponsored posts privacy. The next think to think about is your Facebook profile Link.
→Does your Facebook profile Link redirects people to your timeline?

This question would catapult us to the reason behind this piece. Below are step by step guides you can follow to copy your Facebook profile Link and also request for withdrawal on NNU without any issue.
                              FIRST STEP

 Copy Your Facebook Profile Link

The availability of your Facebook profile Link is highly essential when its comes to requesting for withdrawal on NNU. You need to ensure your Facebook profile Link is available before thinking of requesting for withdrawal on NNU. 

Here are the two ways you can  copy your Facebook profile Link

1.  Using Facebook App. Not Facebook Lite. 

You can copy your Facebook profile Link using the main Facebook app. 

To do this, just click on your profile.
You'll see 3 dots tagged as more. Something like this

Copy Facebook link

Click on the 3 dots and you'll see something like this 

Copy Profile Link

Just click on copy profile Link and your link would be successfully copied to your clipboard. Paste the link somewhere and save it. You can use it anytime you wish.

2. Using Any Browser

You can also copy using any browser.
Login to Facebook using browser. I personally used Opera mini browser because it saves data.
Click on profile. Just ike this

Cick on profile

After clicking on profile, proceed to copy link within the browser's search bar. 

Browser Search Bar

Note: I said browser's search bar or box. Not Facebook search box.
Copy the link inside the box. The link would appear like this 

Edit the link by removing irrelevant characters and letters. Start removing from where the question mark(?) is.

After removing those irrelevant characters and letters, you'll have something like this 

That's your link. The link above is an illustration of what Facebook profile link looks like.

                                      SECOND STEP

 Test the Facebook Profile Link

After copying your link, click on it to make sure it takes you to your timeline. If your link refuses to redirect you to your timeline, then you're advised to retry the processes again.

Run a test on your Facebook profile Link before making use of it on NNU withdrawal page.
 Your Facebook profile link is now ready. The next step is to login to your NNU account.

                                        THIRD STEP

   Login to your NNU account.

                                       FOURTH STEP

                       Click on withdrawal button. Just like this

Withdrawal Request

                                                             FIFTH STEP
 Fill all your details accurately. Avoid making any mistake. Your email address should be the one on your NNU account. The same applicable to your username.

If you have forgotten the email address you used, you can click on edit profile on your NNU account to find the exact email address.

NNU Withdrawal Request Guide

Your Current NARS earning should be filled without the attachment of any currency symbol. Just insert the figures. 

Your current referral earning should also be in figures too. Don't attach any symbol. If you have 2 referrals, insert 2000 as current referral earning. 

The current amount varies with  respect to the number of referrals you have. 10 referrals is 10000.

Concerning your bank account details.
NNU runs a corporate account with UBA, hence UBA users are paid first before other Banks users. If you have UBA account, kindly provide it for fast payment.
However, if you don't have UBA  account, provide any other Bank account you have, you'll still get paid. Delay is not denial.
                      NNU: Is It A Scam or Real? READ BEFORE JOINING      

NNU pays all Bank users not only UBA

Did you make any reasonable comment? Just click on yes

Did you share sponsored post? Click on yes too. Yes. We are Nigerians. No dulling at all. 

Any message for admin? This question sef, don't you know what to tell the admin? Or are you not a Nigerian? Tell the admin how urgent the money is needed. 

Recheck all the details you have filled, then click on submit withdrawal

We have arrived at the bus stop. The topic still remains How To Request For Withdrawal On NNU.

After successful submission, you are advised to wait patiently for approval email. In some cases, approval email might not come but that doesn't mean you won't get paid. You can also click on payment Records button to check the status of your transaction. Completed in some cases doesn't connote paid.

For twitter users asking for where to insert their link, insert your twitter link in the box meant for Facebook link.

Do you have any question? Feel free to drop your comment.

Is this post useful? Don't forget to drop your comment. 

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  2. What about those using Twitter. Your explanation is mostly for faceFace users

    1. Thanks for dropping your view .The post would be updated as soon as possible to suit both Facebook and Twitter users.

  3. Replies
    1. The processes involved while withdrawing with Facebook link are almost the same with Twitter link. Though the post would be updated soon!

      Thanks for your comment.

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  6. Thank you so much .
    This is helpful.

  7. I already make my withdrawal since on 20th ..and I just write the name I use on Facebook I thought its was my link ...what will happen to my request pls

    1. You can contact NNU moderators via support@nnu.ng explicating your shortcomings. I wish you the best.

  8. Grateful for this explaination, I will be guides

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