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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

NNU: 10 Things To Know About NNU

Before venturing into any online income program, it's highly advisable to verify the authenticity of such program.

nnu review

Just sacrifice some minutes out of your time to read to the end, you won't regret  reading to the end.

NNU Income Review, Things To Consider Before Joining.
It's no longer NEWS that  INTERNET is dominated with numerous scam sites which are all aimed at defrauding people of their hard earned monies. Hence; getting yourself involved into any venture, being it offline or online without thorough verification might lead you into a piteous state of regret.
The trending and the most affordable online  income program we have currently in Nigeria is NNU income program, popularly known as NIP.

 The income program was birthed through Nigeria News Update, a news and entertainment portal that features aggregated news and educative contents. The platform claims to shares its monthly revenue with members through its income program. 

After thorough verification, we have gathered 10 basic things you need to know about the program before venturing into it. If you're already a member, you need to read and know your fate.

Here are 10 things to consider before thinking of even joining the program.

1.  The Brain Behind The Program.

Before venturing into any program, the  questions that should come to your mind are
Who are the people behind this program? How trusted are they? Are they reliable?

The answers to the above questions would determine whether you should stop and check or continue going to avoid stories that touches the heart.

NNU is product of G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business firm registered under Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC BN 2453653).

The firm provides ICT services, web solutions and pro internet marketing. The firm had also initiated many successful programs like coolnaira.com even before the inception of NNU.

From our investigations, the firm has a good online reputation and the chief executive officer, Paul Samson who had also proven his selfless nature through his indulgence in numerous humanitarian services shows how essential the firm is.


NNU is reliable

With the above analytical expressions, I believe we have been able to provide answers to the aforementioned questions.
Ok. Let's go to point number 2.

2. The Originality Of The Concept.
Every program has its own concept. However, some people are fond of stealing other people's  concepts and later disguises the stolen concepts as theirs. This criminal act erupts as a result of what i call "Bankruptcy in Creativity" and it's often induced by greediness, which is masterminded by poor preparation.

No program can ever triumph on a stolen concept. Is NNU running on stolen concept?

NNU was the first platform in Nigeria to launch an income program with the current ad revenue sharing concept. Hence its originality is unquestionably unique. Since its inception, other poorly planned programs had surfaced with this same concept

NOTE: Copy cats are now launching various "Read NEWS and Get Paid" programs almost everyday without any vision other than to defraud people. Beware of scammers and greedy folks.

3.  The Longevity Of The Program.

Another question that should come to your mind is; how long has the program been existing? Again, has it been delivering its promises since then?

From our investigations, NNU has been in existence for over one year now and it has been been paying eligible members till date.

4. The Level Of Transparency. 

Specifically, when its comes to business, transparency is beyond being honest.
Transparency encompasses lack of hidden agendas and conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

NNU management publishes payroll every month which is a symbol of transparency. The management exposes its expenditures to members which is a great symptom of cooperation.

5. The Relationship Between Members and Administrators.

The CEO always update members almost every week, just to ensure members are not left behind. This is a quality of good relationship between two  parties.

6. Testimonies From Members.

The official Facebook group which houses most members is always flooded with different mind blowing testimonies from members. This contributes to proof of its legitimacy.

7. Tenacity Outside Internet.
NNU Income
Seeing NNU members on various streets with their attractive T-shirts shows uniformity of purpose, which guarantees tenacity of purpose. Just like MTN, NNU Everywhere You Go. Both online and offline. This is incredibly amazing!

8.  The Level Of Compensation.

One common thing about fake scam sites is over compensation. Some sites will promise to pay you an unbelievable amount you will only see as figure, converting this figure to cash through withdrawal is where problem lies.

The compensation rate of NNU is favourable to both members and the management. You'll always get your referral bonuses in full, while you get your own share from the total revenue generated by the company within a particular month.

9.  Marketing And Publicity. 

The Team behind NNU project are good marketers who devises different workable means to promote the platform. Getting over half a million Nigerians involved in an income program is not a child play.

A song titled THE CODE was released recently by the CEO just to publicize the platform, isn't amazing? The music videos is also trending now. All for the purpose of publicity.

10. The chances of its continuity.
Will this program die like MMM? What are the chances of its survival in the future?

These questions are necessary. But the answers can only be obtained  by looking into their sources of income.

The company makes money in two major ways. Namely:

1. Monetization Of Traffic

2. Commission From New Members.That's 37.5% from every members that joins the program.

NNU is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria, hence makes a lot of money from advertisement programs. So, even if people stop joining, there is still a chance of survival, because traffic will continue flowing.

From the above analyses, we can now conclude that NNU income program is worth giving a try.
But before you  try, let me advise you. Despite the mouth watering nature of NNU, some members still complain,why??

Because they probably joined through the wrong people. You need to learn in order to earn.

Before venturing into any business, look for someone who understands it very well and let the person coach you to avoid regretting your decision.

After my investigations, I joined NNU and since then I have been receiving series of alerts. My down lines who I coached have been receiving theirs too.

Why not join the RIGHT TEAM and start receiving yours?

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Here are five ways you can earn on NNU:
❶Login in to your account=N50 (Daily limit)50*30days=#1500

2.Sponsored post Sharing on Facebook or Twitter timeline=N100 (Daily limit)100*30days=3000
3.Posting forum topic when its approved and published = N100 (Depend on moderators approval, no limit)100*30days=3000

4.Reading news, ,the more you read the more you earn = N2 (Unlimited)read 50news daily that is #50*30days= 1500

5. The 5th way to earn on NNU is through NAP. NAP stands for NNU Affiliate Program, As an affiliate, you earn ₦1,000 per referral if you decide to inform anyone like your friends and family to join. e.g ₦1,000 x 10persons =₦10,000 in a month.Though you can refer as many people as possible.

Referring is totally optional as far as NNU is concerned. But due to its high lucrative nature, i would teach you how to get at least five referrals daily if you join under my team. 5 referrals is N5,000, hence the reason why i participate most on NAP than NARS. NARS represents other activities apart from referring people. Meanwhile, the registration fee of ₦1600 gives you lifetime access to both NAP and NARS. NNU is just too sweet if you join with a pure mindset.

If you adhere to my teachings, you could be receiving over N50,000 monthly.
The Registration fee is N1600.                              

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