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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Eboss Review: All You Need To Know About Eboss Foundation


Are You Here For Eboss Foundation Review?

Is Eboss A Scam Or Real Business?

To Know How Eboss Foundation Works?

Is Eboss Foundation Worth My Trial?

How Do I Earn From Eboss?

How To Join Eboss Foundation?

This Article Contains Almost Everything You Need To Know About Eboss Foundation.

Kindly take a sit along with a cold drink and endeavor to read to the end. I repeat, READ TO THE END! You will definitely thank me later.

The name Internet/Network Marketing, also known as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) now scares a lot people due to numerous bitter experiences encountered as a result of venturing  into one network marketing business or the other.

Fake promises, fraud, lies, deceit and other horrible traits showcased by many of those who claims to be administrators of one online  company or the other contributes  imminently to the reasons why many people are  afraid of Network Marketing, even Networking as a whole.  

Within 2016-2018, some of the most hyped MLM companies like Helping Hands International (H2i), Golem Global, all crashed due to one issue or the other. This is one of the reasons why making thorough research before venturing into any business is necessary.

There are many fraudulent MLM companies on internet but that doesn't defeat the fact that we  also have genuine MLM companies which are capable of changing your financial status if you only you can adopt the right strategies.

Warren Buffet made over 2 billion dollars from Network Marketing (MLM) within few years just by adopting the right strategies. Numerous network marketers had made a huge sum of money from Network marketing just by doing the right thing at the right time with the right people (Company)

I had the conversation below with a lady who happens to be one of my friends on Facebook. She is one of those who have had a lot of terrible experiences while trying to venture into one MLM company or the other.

Here is part of the conversation we had:
Me: Why do you hate Network marketing? 
Lady: They will entice you with pictures of car awards, int'l trips and pictures of members who are making millions from the business. And when you finally join, they'll tell you to bring only 2 or 3 persons in order to start making millions. After bringing the people, you'll still not see even thousands, talk more of millions. I'm tired of that deception. I have tried many of them but they all failed me.

Me: I understood your plight even before your exposition. The truth is that such companies with long matrix and complicated compensation plan requires a lot of sacrifices to get to that juicy level and some may not even fulfil their promises, while some might even crash before you get to such sweet level. Only 3% of members who join early benefits from such company, while 97% of members end up getting frustrated.

This is basically one of the reasons why Eboss Foundation has come with a very short, rewarding and achievable matrix. With Eboss you can possibly cycle in and out of board matrix everyday, most especially when  teamwork is involved. 

Each circle gives you #12,000. Imagine how much you could be making if you're determined and committed. 

And most importantly, Eboss Foundation doesn't depend solely on the registration of new members. Eboss Foundation has varieties of marketable products which attracts fortune to the company and its partners. This is why you must give Eboss Foundation a try. 

Eboss Foundation has come with a revolution in Network Marketing  and I implore you to partake in this revolution. 

The Relaunch Of Eboss Foundation

Eboss Foundation was relaunched officially in February 2019 and we are lucky enough to  be one of the team crusaders.  
Due to the fact that the idea of Multi-level Marketing Industry had suffered a lot setbacks in the past,  the CEO of G-Cyber Technologies decided to initiate a lasting solution to this misfortune.

One of the ideas of Eboss Foundation is targeted towards bringing an irresistible revolution in the Multi level Marketing industry. 

Many people have developed a very deep hatred towards Multi Level Marketing business due to past bitter experiences. But the good news is that Eboss Foundation has brought a life and mindset changing revolution, not just in MLM industry alone but entirely in the realm of entrepreneurship.

The Vision Of Eboss Foundation

Initiating the most anticipated revolution in Network Marketing and empowering the youths to become financially buoyant through unique and creative MLM program.

The Mission Of Eboss Foundation

The Mission of Eboss Foundation is giving back to the society. Helping the less privileged. Giving hope to the hopeless and empowering our promising primary and secondary students with educational materials amongst other humanitarian services.

How Does Eboss Foundation Intend To Bring This Revolution?

As top MLM consultants, we have observed that there are types of problems faced by network marketing (MLM) Industry. 

Here are some of them;

Poor Management

Poor Management is one of the major problems in Network Marketing industry. Some of the things that results to poor Management are: 

Administrative Incompetence 

Lack Of Accountability 

Inadequate Planning

Negligence towards the plight of Members/Partners. 

Solution: Eboss Foundation has come with the most transparent system without any hidden  agenda. The best customer care service and the most encouraging relationship with members. The welfare of partners is a sacrosanctity on Eboss Foundation.

Some people finds it difficult to refer people to internet Marketing industry. This has been a cumbersome issue in the zone of internet Marketing. But The Good News Is that Eboss Foundation has brought a solution to this ancient quagmire.

Solution: The Brain Behind Eboss Foundation has diagnosed the malady of referring and he was able to come up with an innovative idea of making the  matrix simple, short and achievable with less pressure.

If there is no Bank in Nigeria and you can't afford going to abroad regularly to deposit your money, the best thing is to facilitate the establishment of Bank in Nigeria. This is exactly what The CEO of Eboss Foundation has done.

The matrix is friendly to those who finds it difficult to engage in massive recruiting and referring. The matrix supports strategic TEAMWORK. And Together We Can Revolve Smoothly.

Product Availability

Any company that solely depends on the registration of new members for its existence dies or crash easily. The lifespan of any MLM company without any valuable product is just like the lifespan of an incubated agric fowl.
Anyway, Eboss Foundation has come with valuable, competitive and unique products everyone would cherish to use.

Eboss Foundation specializes on Body/Skin Care Products like Antiseptic Soaps, Medicated Soaps that are capable of curing all skin diseases amongst other products. The products are unique and competitive.

Sales Productivity

It's not all about having a product but selling the product is what matters. Is the product marketable? Is it on high demand? How do I sell the product?

How do i sell the product offered by a company? This is part of the training you shall receive as a partaker of this life changing movement. Eboss Foundation is just for you. I mean YOU!

The products offered by Eboss Foundation are extremely vital for quality skin health, hence the marketability. Eboss Foundation products are all affordable and you could be making a huge sum daily from marketing any of the products.

Here are some of the products

Eboss Product

Eboss Icare

Eboss Soap

The mission is to carry out donation of Notebooks to students and children in orphanage homes across the country and this serve as a major valuable physical product among other products we have. Notebooks could also be shared shared amongst our promising Secondary Students, including primary school pupils.

Eboss Notebook


This is the part that scares people most. There are companies that promises numerous rewards and incentives but when you qualify for any of those rewards, you'll start hearing stories that touches the heart.
Eboss Foundation has come to curb the issue of fulfilment. As far as Eboss Foundation is concerned, there would be nothing like promise and fail.
You get paid both in cash and through incentives.

How Does Eboss Matrix Work?

Once your registration & service fee of #5,500 has been paid, and your registration has been done, then you are now a validated partner of Eboss Foundation.

You'll receive a  package of humanitarian product (Exercise Books) worth of #2,000.

The exercise books are what you're expected to distribute amongst our promising secondary students as part of our vision of giving back to the society.

So, indirectly your registration fee is #3,500.

Your registration gives you the opportunity to participate in the shortest and sweetest board matrix system.

Here Is How It Works

Eboss: How It Works?

To complete one revolution (Or cycle),

All you need is a total number of 6 down lines (2 direct down lines only).

The registration of your  first two down lines gives you #1,000 each, making it #2,000 for both down lines.

When your 2 down lines gets their own down lines, you'll also earn #1,000 each from their registrations, that's four persons  under your 2 down lines which earns you #4,000.

You'll earn a total of 6k when your 2 down lines get their own.

# 4,000 + #2,000= #6,000

You'll also earn a step out bonus of #6,000 automatically,

That is,
₦6000+₦6000= ₦12,000 for one cycle which involves only 6 persons.
Isn't amazing?

What Happens After Stepping Out Of The Old Circle?

After getting your first #12,000, you'll automatically recycle with 0 cost

Remember you are starting a new cycle.

You'll get the usual product of N2000.
I know your next question would be; who will be my down line in this new circle?

Here is the answer

Your previous 2 down lines would cycle out and join you immediately in the new cycle. In REVOLUTION TEAM, we fly like jet, No DELAY at all!

This is one of the reasons why I'm madly in love with the concept of Eboss Foundation, you have many options/alternatives.

EBOSS REVOLUTION TEAM has made it easy for everyone to cycle and recycle faster.

The benefit of Joining EBOSS REVOLUTION TEAM is the fact that you'll continue to enjoy unending rain of spillover, which will enhance you to recycle faster than you can ever imagine.


It is very simple.

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