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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Make At Least N12,000 Weekly On Eboss Foundation

Eboss Foundation

Congratulations! In advance for successfully navigating to this page.

 Arriving successfully to this page shows you have taken the first step towards changing your financial status. 

The second step is to READ carefully. The truth is that you can never EARN without LEARNING, hence; you need to read this article passionately and carefully. 

I'm aware of the fact that we Nigerians hate reading, but I implore you to make a difference. READ this article to the end because it will definitely mark the beginning of your success story.

To ensure you read to the end, I have decided to make this piece  brief. 

It's no longer news that the INTERNET is dominated with  numerous scam sites and many fraudulent activities, thus the reason why thorough investigation is needed before venturing into any online business. 

Personally, I have had a lot of bitter experiences as a result of trying to make money online. I know how painful "disappointment" could be. I had felt the pain of being defrauded and deceived, so I'm not willing to feed you with lies all in the name of making money. 

I have grown beyond telling lies to make money. So if you find any symptom of lies on this page, kindly remind me for immediate correction. 

Today, I want to show you a very young business opportunity that can transform your life positively. If you're determined, in the next few days you could be testifying about this business opportunity.
I'm not here to bombard you with sweet mouth. I deal on reality not deception.

The screenshot below is the alert I received 3 days after venturing into this business opportunity

Eboss Alert

The name of the business opportunity is EBOSS FOUNDATION

What Is Eboss Foundation?

Eboss Foundation is a new multi levelled marketing platform that specializes on the distribution of body care products, toiletries and other humanitarian products. The mission is giving back to the society and breeding wealthily modernized entrepreneurs. Eboss Foundation was launched early February, 2019. It's still new and has a great potential. 

I can boldly guarantee the sustainability of Eboss Foundation due to the series of investigations I had made before joining. 

Eboss Foundation is a program initiated by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional ICT firm legally registered under CAC with RC Number 2453653.

Eboss Foundation has varieties of products that could fetch you lots of fortune but that's not the reason behind this article. The aim of this article is to reveal how you can raise a huge capital for your mega project by utilizing Eboss Foundation board matrix program. 

  Below are some Eboss Foundation Products:

eboss fresh soap

eboss soap

eboss icare soap

eboss liquid soap

Having thought of the difficulty people face in the course of running a long matrix program,
Eboss Foundation has decided to come up with  a very short and achievable board matrix system. 

Realistically, This is the best matrix program since the history of network marketing. If you can't refer, just relax and enjoy the rain of spillover. Spillover in the sense that those that joins after you may fall directly under you as your down lines.

So, if you are one of those that have phobia for referring, then Eboss Foundation is for YOU!

Part of the vision of this program is helping the less privileged, so as a member, you're expected to be a generous GIVER! 

Bombarding this page with much phrases is needless. Let's just go straight to the point. 

        YOUR EARNINGS IN                                  SUMMARY

Once your registration & service fee of #5,500 has been paid, and your registration has been done, you will automatically become a validated partner of Eboss Foundation.

You'll receive a package of humanitarian product (Exercise Books) worth of #2,000.

Eboss Notebooks

The exercise books are what you're expected to distribute amongst our promising secondary students as part of our vision of giving back to the society. 

So, indirectly your registration fee is #3,500.

Your registration gives you the opportunity to participate in the shortest and sweetest board matrix system.

                             HOW IT WORKS

You need only two persons directly under you (You can get this two persons via spillover even without referring anybody)

N1,000 commission from each person under you, making it N2,000 for your two down lines. 

Since, your 2 down lines will also obtain their own down lines.

You'll also earn N1000 each from the four persons that will fall under your two down lines, that  is N4,000 for the 4 persons.  Which is;

            N2,000+ N4,000=                       N6,000

You'll also earn a matching out bonus of N6,000 after cycling out( that's as soon as your two down lines get their own two down lines) 

That makes it  N6000 + N6000= N12,000

So in one circle, you'll a total sum of N12,000, which you can withdraw directly to your bank account.

          What Happens After Stepping Out Of The Old Circle?

After getting your first #12,000, you'll automatically recycle into a new circle. This is totally FREE! You don't need to pay again.

Remember you are starting a new cycle.
So You'll get the usual  product of N2000. 

       I know your next question would be;

    Who Will Be My Down Line In   The New Circle?

                       Here is the answer

Your previous 2 down lines and their own down lines would cycle out and join you immediately in the new cycle, as soon as they join you, you'll get another N12,000

You'll continue earning N12,000 consistently till it turns to millions. Isn't amazing?

                 How Can I Join Eboss Foundation?

To  succeed in any business, you need to work with the right person or team. On Eboss Foundation, you need a team or an expert to guide and direct you in order to ensure consistent cycling and earning. 

I and my team are ready to guide you successfully till you start enjoying the beauty of this business. 

   For your E-pin, Registration and Absolute Guidance,

  Click on the link below to message us on WhatsApp

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You can also Call/Text/WhatsApp  us using the contact below 


Now you have read, what next? The third step is ACTION!

Take a bold step today to secure your future.



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