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Thursday, March 21, 2019

HIWAP Review: 10 Reasons Why You Should Join HIWAP

HIWAP Review

Before venturing into any online program, there should be concrete and factual reasons why you must participate in the program. This is because there are numerous crappy and fraudulent programs scattered all over the INTERNET.

HealthIsWealthng is a newly launched health platform targeted towards ensuring the healthiness and wellness of humanity in its entirety. 

The platform has an income program which is embedded to help in meeting the financial needs of people. The goal of HIWAP is to ensure you're medically and financially fit. 

Just before you get your mindset entangled with the spirit of DOUBT, here is a recently received alert from health is wealth platform (HIWAP). 

HIWAP proof

Hiwap proof

Hiwap payment

HIWAP withdrawal

Below are some of the reasons why you should partake in this great project.

1. It Has A Unique And Powerful Concept.

The uniqueness of every business venture matters a lot. Stolen concept can never prevail. The concept of HIWAP is new, potent, unique and highly attractive. You get paid for maintaining your wellness; Is this not an awesome concept? Apart from this company, no platform has this same concept. 

But very soon many clueless plagiarists who desperately wish to defraud people would start launching half baked platforms with HIWAP concept. The only way to frustrate their evil intentions is to get realistically attached to HIWAP

2. All Upgraded Members Are Automatically Made Distributors.

Once you sign-up and upgrade your HIWAP account, you've automatically become a distributor with the license to sell the company's E-pin to prospective members.  You also have the license to buy and resell premium products.

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3. Healthiswealthng Has Multiple Money Making Options.

There are many earning options on HealthIsWealthng. If you can't partake in the affiliate program(Referring aspect) You can focus on the writing aspect. You'll earn N1000 per each published article. That's N10,000 for 10 articles.

4. It Has The Best Features In The History Of Online Business.

HIWAP has many outstanding features which contributes to its uniqueness.

5.Hiwap Is A Sustainable Project.

The fact that people roam on Google everyday in search of various health tips and remedies shows how sustainable healthIsWealthng project is. 

The concept can never expire, hence the reason why the program will definitely last for centuries.

6. HIWAP Website Is One Of The Richest Sites On INTERNET.

The contents of every website determine its wealthiness. There are many life saving contents on HIWAP and I'm very sure you know how valuable life is. The wellness of everyone is a big priority on healthIsWealthng.

7. The  Team Behind HIWAP Is Great.

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healthIsWealthng project is sponsored by a very innovative team dominated by professionals. The team may not be 100% perfect but they are highly proficient.

8. HIWAP Is Highly Transparent.

There is no hidden agenda on HIWAP. Everything is transparent.

9. Referring Is Optional 

If you are not good at referring, then HIWAP is for you. You could be earning at least N5,000 daily just by writing articles. You can also join Chris Team to benefit from massive spillovers. Chris Team also teaches its members how to get referrals daily if you wish to earn. Contact 07062434715 to join Chris Team.

10. HIWAP Has The Best And Most Active Support System.

HIWAP support

You can contact the administrators and moderators of HIWAP and get your issue(s) resolved within few minutes. The site has a live chat system where you can ask questions and receive fast answers.

The aforementioned reasons are just few among the innumerable reasons why you should be part of this mega project. You won't regret taking part in this life supporting revolution.

Below is the summary of some of the bonuses you are entitled to as a pro HIWAP member. 

Once you compose any unique health related article, you'll earn 1k instantly. That's N10,000 for 10 articles.

Anytime you extend this opportunity to anyone, you earn N1000 Referral bonus.

👉Anytime you cycle out, you earn a mouth watering indirect commission. 

👉Anytime your down line cycles out, you'll also earn a matching bonus. 

👉Anytime any of your down lines introduces a new member, you'll earn 25% indirect commission that is after earning the first direct earning commission of 50%. 

👉You have access to unlimited health products, tips and services with just a onetime upgrading fee of N2,000. 

Is this not amazing?😍😍😍


To register, click on the link below


The link would take you to HIWAP site, click on the toggle navigation option, like it is on the screenshot below

Join HIwap

                   Then click on "Register" 

Hiwap Review
You'll be redirected to the registration page. Like it is on the screenshot below
HIWAP register

Ensure your sponsor is Chris .  Insert your active and valid email address. Fill all other details, Accept Terms of  Service and click on   Signup.  After registration, click on the activation link sent to your email in order to activate your account.


There are many earning options on HIWAP, if you are not good at referring, kindly sign-up using the link below to join our TEAM in order to benefit from massive spillovers. You could be getting many referrals daily through our TEAM even without REFERRING anybody.

On HIWAP, you also get paid N1000 instantly per each post you publish. if you can create up to 10 posts daily, that's N10,000 daily.

                             How To Upgrade?

To Upgrade your account in order to enjoy all the membership benefits, contact the authorized HIWAP agent below to purchase your E-pin.

Call/WhatsApp Egu Chris on 07062434715

You can also use the link below  to purchase your pin


Who Is Egu Chris And Why Am I Paying Into His Account? 

 Egu Chris is an authorized HIWAP Agent. He is also the team leader of our great TEAM. You can confirm his name and phone number on HIWAP official site.

After successful registration, you're advised to join our WhatsApp group for further guidance and tutorship on how to earn massively on HIWAP. The tutorship is strictly for upgraded members. Egu Chris would add you to the official members group after successful UPGRADE.

Note: You can't benefit from the income program without upgrading your account, hence, we advise you to upgrade immediately after registration so as not to miss down lines who are supposed to fall under you.

                      HEALTH IS WEALTH

Sunday, March 10, 2019

How To Make Money Daily On HIWAP

Money On HIWAP

How To Make Money Online has been one of the most searched keywords on Google due to the fact that a lot of internet users desire to have a good and sustainable source of income. 

If you are one of those who seriously wish to make money online, then Congratulations in advance because you have arrived at the right place. All you need to do is READ this piece with full concentration, digest it and decide. 

We at bixzone.com are aware of the fact that you have tried some crappy online programs but none worked as expected. Thus, we wouldn't want to feed you with lies and deceptive phrases but the truth is that, if you're determined to earn genuine money online, you must be ready to sacrifice your time on thorough research. This is to avoid falling into the hands of scammers and their half baked programs. 

When it comes to making money online, only 3 basic things are needed to ensure success. These are;

1.  Right Mindset

2.  Right Strategy

3. Right People To Work With
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