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Monday, August 19, 2019

Get Paid On NNU Forum V2 Without Referrals

NNU Forum V2

I have participated in many online income programs. I know how uneasy it is to convince prospects to join a program that requires registration fee. I know how painful it is to expect money from a program, only to encounter disappointment.

I know how it feels to be called a scammer even when you didn't scam anyone. I know the trauma of luring friends and family into a program and at the end of everything, none of them was able to withdraw a dime. The pain of disappointment can never be overemphasized.

But, the truth is that it is absolutely impossible for everyone to benefit from an income program. Some lose while others gain. That's just the truth! And again, no petty income program lasts forever.

That is the major reason why you ought to join early, grab your share before the program start having issues.

Over 500 million naira was shared to NNU version 1 members within 20 months of its existence. Those who joined when the platform wasn't too crowded took the Lion's share and that has been the case in every petty online program.

Out of over 0.5 billion naira disbursed by NNU, some people got over O.5 million each (obviously those who joined early and did few smark works) and some got over 300k each. Some got below and above 100k. 

Thousands of Nigerians got a share from the total revenue disbursed by NNU on version 1, which shows how selfless the CEO is.

After series of contemplation on how to compensate those who didn't benefit much from NNU version 1, the management has decided to launch NNU version 2 (otherwise known as NNU Forum) to give many aggrieved NIPERS the opportunity to earn & benefit even before the version 2 gets crowded. 

It is worthy of note that NNU version one paid for over 1 year before introducing the principle of "you must refer to withdraw"  hence, the benefit of joining early. 

The version two (NNU forum) intends to pay members for years without mandating anyone to refer. So if you are not good at referring, then NNU version 2 (NNU forum) is for you.

We have analysed the pattern of NNU V2 (NNU forum) and we can state boldly that this new version 2 will be more sustainable, lucrative and consistent.

       Join NNU Forum V2

The CEO of NNU forum has affirmed everyone that whether you refer or not, you'll definitely get paid due to the fact the newly launched second version of NNU has many sources of revenue and taking advantage of it at this virgin (early) stage will help you a lot.

Many top NNU forum partners are already donating money to ensure the sustainability of the NNU V2 project. I'm sure you can't afford to miss out on this. 

There is a  possibility of earning at least N2000 to 5000 daily on NNU Forum version 2 and you can cash out without referring anybody. I repeat without referring anyone. 

We are not trying to lure you into the program but the fact is that if you join now, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Do you care to know how the platform works?

 Below is the summary of how NNU V2 (NNU forum) works

    Summary Of NNU V2 (NNU forum)

Registration fee: N1400

Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000 That is the referral bonus per each person you introduce to the Forum.

Daily Login: N50

View Forum Topics: N10 per each

Commenting: N20 per each comment

Posting Relevant Topics: N200 - N1,000 based on the relevance and magnitude of your post.

Viral share on Facebook: N100 

That's sharing sponsored post to Facebook.

Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000   With or without referrals.

Revenue share and payout every last day of the month and no members will be left out without payment.

Let's assume you join now;

You'll login, N50

View 20 posts, N200

Make 20 comments, N400

Share a post, N100

Create 5 topics, N1000

That's a total of N1750 within few minutes, Is this not amazing???

Staking N1400 to try NNU forum V2 is gonna do you a lot of good and we are very sure that you won't regret it if you join the early birds now. The program is still new, fresh and hot. Utilise this great opportunity now!

       Join NNU Forum V2

Our team leader has earned over 90k within 6 days after launch and with the aid of our tutorship & guidance, you'll be able to get as many referrals as you wish.

NNU Forum V2 payment

Below are some of the alert screenshots of some of our members

NNU forum payment
NNU forum payment
Get paid referrals on NNU V2
NNU alert
NNU V2 testimony

Before proceeding to the registration page, we wish to tell you that there are two methods of payment and we recommend the use of coupon code. 

To get your NNU forum V2 E-pin, kindly contact agentEgu Chris for fast delivery.

Call/WhatsApp Egu Chris on 07062434715

Or simply click on the link below

To register, kindly click on the link below

       Join NNU Forum V2

The link will take you to the registration page. Fill all the details and select your method of payment, either paystack or using E-pin obtained from Egu Chris (NNU most trusted distributor)

The only license to our tutorial group is using Egu as your referral during registration.

After registration, you can contact Egu Chris via WhatsApp to be added to our WhatsApp tutorial group. The group is where you learn many marketing strategies and you'll also take part in the N500,000 average/minimum target of each members of the group.

We share tips on how to refer at least 5-10 persons daily and you won't regret joining through our viable team. 

       Join NNU Forum V2

If you have any question, kindly use the comment box.

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